1. Orders are subject to both parties accepting the terms and conditions of the contract drawn up. However, no order from a client is definitive without confirmation from Crinoligne and cannot be the object of any cancellation.

2. Any order implies ipso jure acceptance of the current general conditions of sale.

3. The client is forbidden to resell the merchandise from their order to the retailers and only to make sales from the shop specified on the order.

4. The client is forbidden to use the names /labels with which the merchandise is labelled for any advertising on the place of sale (signs, affixing logs, etc.) without the express authorization from Crinoligne. In this case, the client will follow the precise written instructions from Crinoligne on this matter.

5. In any instance where advertising is authorized, no rights have been reserved regarding the label/name.

6. Advertising authorization will only be given on a temporary busis and implies that the merchandise is of significant importance in the shop on the season in question.

7. Crinoligne reserves the right to withdraw permission from the client to advertise at any time without penalty to itself.



1. Our prices are delivery, postal charges and packing are invoice to buyer.



1. Delivery dates given, and any other deadlines and cannot involve Crinoligne responsibility.

2. Even if the goods are invoiced CPT (Carriage Paid To), it is the responsibility of the recipient for safety and security of the goods which travel at the recipient own risk and peril irrespective of the distribution methods or means of payment. In case of damage or loss, the recipient must inform the transporter within the allowed time period.

3. The client must check the quality, quantity and weight of the goods on arrival. Any claims regarding discrepancies with the order or delivery note must be made within 48 hours from receipt of the Parcel by registered post. Claims made after the deadline will not be accepted.

4. The return of merchandise is of an exceptional nature, occurring in the form of a waiver, and can be accepted by Crinoligne only within eight days of receipt the merchandise by the customer, under penalty of nullity. The principle and procedure for such a return are subject to prior written agreement by Crinoligne. Merchandise subject to a special order cannot be returned or exchanged.



1. Payment should be made to Crinoligne and sent to the address mentioned on front of invoice. The sending of the acceptance of drafts or other means of payment does not cancel the debt until they have been cleared. The basis for the calculation of the due date is the date of the invoice.

2. Any delay in payment in relation to the due date stipulated on the invoice will incur ipso jure inter est charges. This will be calculated at 1.5 times the current legal base rate as will the VAT and where necessary a penalty charge of 15% will be added to the debt.

3. Any delay in payment will cancel all current credit facilities offered and imply immediate settlement of the balance of the debt.

4. Any delay in payment authorizes Crinoligne to hold deliveries. These can be started up again if Crinoligne so desire once they have banked the whole debt owed by the client, including interest                    costs. Crinoligne also reserve themselves the right to cancel all or part of the current orders due to late payment. The same would apply should a client’s legal status be changed or their financial situation deteriorate for whatever reason thereby rendering their credit status unfavorable.



1. Any inability to deliver as a result of unforeseeable circumstance, fire, strike or other social inconveniences, flood or other accident having cause to completely or partially destroy the company, its stocks, or stopping production, lack of power or raw materials for reason beyond Crinoligne’s control will release them from their obligation to fulfill the orders with no penalty being incurred.



1. Crinoligne remain to owner of al goods delivered until such time as all payments have been received in full and cleared, including full clearance of any drafts/payments received and not cleared.

2. Crinoligne reserve the right to reclaim any goods further to the issue of recorded delivery letter should payment not be made within the dues dates, with any costs being incurred being borne by the client. In this respect, Crinoligne reserve their rights for damages and interests.

3. The goods will be labelled individually with the labels or reference of our company. These labels allow Crinoligne the rights to inspect a client’s premises at any time to control their stock. The present clause is applicable to all merchandise so labelled and is therefore proof of its origin.

4. The client, as guardian of the goods, is responsible for any damage or loss suffered after delivery and must take any necessary steps to allow identification of the goods which have been delivered by Crinoligne.

5. The client is obliged to insure against all risks and will provide to Crinoligne upon demand, proof of such insurance.

6. The client cannot under any circumstances use the goods as security/guaranty for other purchases/credit.

7. The client is authorized within normal business practice to resell the goods delivered only to customers on behalf of Crinoligne.

8. Due to the retention of title clause, clients must resist any attempts made by or on behalf of a 1/3 party to seize goods delivery by Crinoligne and should inform Crinoligne immediately of such action.

9. The client cannot, however, return goods simply as a result of this retention of title clause.



1. By express agreement, any dispute will be submitted exclusively to the Paris commercial court, which has sole jurisdiction, without any possibility of Crinoligne being taken before another court, even in the event of a plurality of defendants, request for introduction or third parties, incident, or contradictory domiciliary or arbitration clause. 

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